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Multi-scale Clustering in Graphs using Modularity

by Bertrand Charpentier
Published at the KTH Publication Library (DiVA) 2019


This thesis provides a new hierarchical clustering algorithm for graphs, named Paris, which can be interpreted through the modularity score and its resolution parameter. The algorithm is agglomerative and based on a simple distance between clusters induced by the probability of sampling node pairs. It tries to approximate the optimal partitions with respect to the modularity score at any resolution in one run.

In addition to the Paris hierarchical algorithm, this thesis proposes four algorithms that compute rankings of the sharpest clusters, clusterings and resolutions by processing the hierarchy output by Paris. These algorithms are based on a new measure of stability for clusterings, named sharp-score. Key outcomes of these four algorithms are the possibility to rank clusters, detect sharpest clusterings scale, go beyond the resolution limit and detect relevant resolutions.

All these algorithms have been tested on both synthetic and real datasets to illustrate the efficiency of their approaches.


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