I pursue my Ph.D. in the Data Analytics and Machine Learning (DAML) group at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where I am supervised by Stephan Günnemann.

My research focuses on machine learning methods for uncertainty estimation for different data modalities, i.e. different input types (e.g. tabular, images, graphs, sequential, text data) and output types (e.g. categories, real values, positive counts). In particular, I am interested in defining desiderata, models and evaluation methods for practical uncertainty estimation in real-world applications. Other research interests include robust machine learning, efficient machine learning, and structure learning like hierarchal and causal structures.

Beyond academic research, I work on Pruna AI which is a startup on efficient ML closely collaborating with the DAML research group (TUM). From years of research, Pruna AI develops technology that makes AI models significantly faster, smaller, cheaper, and greener in one line of code. Its vision is to make any AI model accessible for people and sustainable for the planet.

If you are interested in discussing with me, contact me per email or on twitter :)